ISSUE NO: 6/2 ( 2017 )

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

IJORS - International Journal of Russian Studies

No. 6/2 ( July 2017 )

ISSN: 2158-7051

1. Anıl Çiçek : The First Russian Revolution – The Decembrist Movement and its Impact on Russian Political History PDFpp.101-129

2. Norbert Fancis : Revolution in Russia and China: 100 Years

3. Gagaev Andrey Alexandrovich, Gagaev Pavel Alexandrovich, Bochkareva Olga Victorovna, Kudaeva Nina Vasilievna : On the Borrowing of the Semantics of G. S. Skovoroda by N. V. Gogol (210 years from the Death of the great Russian and Ukrainian philosopher and poet) PDFpp.144-159

4. Алла Диамидова : Метафорические модели Грузии в Думском Дискурсе Рф (2008-2009 Гг)PDFpp.160-167

5. Илюзия Свичкарь : Концепция сохранения историко-культурного наследияPDFpp.168-174

6. Keisuke Wakizaka: Thinking about National Delimitation Policy of the USSR: The Comparison of Weber’s Theory and That of Marx PDFpp.175-186

7. Ida Libera Valicenti : Doctor Zhivago: Russian literature as a Tool of American Propaganda during the Cold War and the Role of the Vatican and Feltrinelli PDFpp.187-193


1. Ayse Dietrich : Creating the Empress: Politics and Poetry in the Age of Catherine II PDFpp.194-197

2. Ayse Dietrich : Russian Monarchy Representation and Rule PDFpp.198-204

3. Ayse Dietrich : Chechnya: LIfe in a War-Torn Society PDFpp.205-213

4. Ayse Dietrich : A People’s History of the Russian Revolution PDFpp.214-219

5. K. R. Bolton : Wall Street and the Russian Revolution PDFpp.220-227

6. Ayse Dietrich : The Bolsheviks Come to Power The Revolution of 1917 in Petrograd PDFpp.228-235

7. Ayse Dietrich : Beyond the Pale: The Jewish Encounter with Late Imperial Russia PDFpp.236-240