ISSUE NO: 4/2 ( 2015 )

Sunday, 25 July 2015

IJORS - International Journal of Russian Studies

No. 4/2 ( July 2015 )

ISSN: 2158-7051

1. Tetsuya Sahara : Post-Globalization: The US Retreat, SCO, Sino-Russian Accord and Multipolarity

2. Anil Çiçek : The Quicksand of Afghanistan: The Impact of the Afghanistan War on the Breakup of the Soviet Union PDFpp.115-134

3. Irina Khoutyz : Engagement in Written Academic Discourse: A Cross-Cultural Study of Russian and English Research Articles PDFpp.135-160

4. Mazhid Kat : The 2011-2012 Election-Related Protest Movement in Russia and its Future ImplicationsPDFpp.161-166

5. Muhammad Uzair Hashmi : Colored Revolutions and South Caucasus; Factors which Kept Azerbaijan and Armenia Away from Colored RevolutionsPDFpp.167-174

6. Rabia Arabaci Kariman : Russo-Baltic Relations after the Soviet Union PDFpp.175-187

7. Selim Ozturk : The Role and Importance of the Oligarchs and Business Class within the Oppositional Movements against the Ruling Regime in Kazakhstan PDFpp.188-199

8. Chuka Chukwube : Women and Public Life in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia PDFpp.200-210

9. Akin Ademuyiwa : Степени Сравнения Прилагательных в Русском и Йоруба Языках PDFpp.211-230

10. Nebi Mehdiyev : Petersburg ve Moskova Karşıtlığı: Rus Düşüncesinin Tarihsel Ikircikliği PDFpp.231-238