Articles submitted to the journal must not have been previously published or accepted for publication anywhere else. Articles may be written in Turkish, English or Russian. Submissions should be sent to the editor as either an e-mail attachment to editor@ijors.net or on a disk by regular post to the following address:

Prof. Ayşe Dietrich ( Editor – Founder )

c/o Nevin U. Fulton
P.O. Box 7766
Wilmington, DE 19803
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Articles being considered for publication will be sent to anonymous referees for evaluation. Responsibility for following articles in the evaluation process lies with the editor and publication committee. Articles accepted for publication after completion of the referees’ evaluations will be returned to the author for corrections, if required. Articles that are not accepted for publication cannot be returned. Authors are charged no fees for the acceptance, processing or publishing of the articles they submit to the Internal Journal of Russian Studies.


Font: Word document, Times New Roman, 12 point, single-space.

Length: Maximum length for articles is 15 pages. Articles over 15 pages in length can only be considered on an exceptional basis. Notes should not exceed 7 pages and book reviews should not be longer than 3 pages.

Title page: Both the title and the author’s name should be written in bold, capital letters on the title page.

Key words: Three to ten keywords should be listed on the front page of the article.

Summary: All articles are required to include an abstract, not to exceed 150 words, in English.

Tables: All tables must be numbered and include a title.

Diagrams: Diagram captions must be numbered.

Illustrations: Photographs accompanying articles should be 300 dpi; line drawings 800-1200 dpi. All illustrations must be in either gif or jpeg formats. Provide images in a folder using the same names as referenced in the article and include the folder containing original images with the article.
For example: If the images are located in the folder smith_files, send a zip file containing the folder and images.

Abbreviations: All abbreviations should have an explanation in parantheses the first time they occur.

Sources: All sources should be listed in their original language on the last page. However, sources in languages other than Turkish, English and Russian that do not use the Latin alphabet should be given in an internationally accepted transliteration.


(a) Journal Articles:

Kostina, A. "Normanskaya teoriya i ee aktualnost segodnya", Nijegorodskiy gosudarstvennıy universitet im. N.İ. Lobaçevskogo, Nijniy Novgorod, 2001.

(b) Books:

Балакина Т.И. История русской культуры. М., 1993.

(c) Internet sources:

Westrate, M. "The Norman Problem in Historiography: Nationalism and the Origins of Russia",

Publication rights:

IJORS reserves the right to delete any article without prior notice from previously published issues of the journal if it is determined that they have violated any of the editorial principles and/or terms and conditions.

Articles published by the journal may not be reproduced totally or in part without the express written permission of the publisher.

Authors are responsible for obtaining the necessary permission to reproduce illustrations, tables etc. taken from other sources.

Opinions by the authors of articles in the journal are solely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect those of the journal, its editor, assistant editors, or advisory board.