ISSUE NO: 7/1 ( 2018 )

Thursday, 25 January 2018

IJORS - International Journal of Russian Studies

No. 7/1 ( January 2018 )

ISSN: 2158-7051

1. Бахтияр Набиев : Геополитические аспекты стратегических перспектив во взаимотношениях Азербайджана и России PDFpp.1-6

2. Jalal Rahimian : Russian and Persian Conditionals in Contrast

3. Ivan G. Iliev : The Russian Genitive of Negation and Its Japanese Counterpart PDFpp.25-31

4. Любава Деева : Применение игровых технологий в преподавании английского языка ученикам младших классовPDFpp.32-35

5. Kayode Omotade and Adeola Oluwafemi : Language Policy in Russia and Nigeria: a Comparative Study PDFpp.36-52

6. Mehmet Çağatay Güler: The Role of Hydro-Politics in The Geopolitics of Central Asia PDFpp.53-68

7. Andrei Tereshchuk : The Biography of G.P. Lamsdorff in the Context of Russian Military Emigration in Europe During World War II PDFpp.69-76

8. Abdollah Baei Lashaki, Fereshteh Nasrollahi, Atefeh Mostajer Haghighi : Russia and the United States in the South Caucasus, Competition or Co-Operation: the Case of Energy Resource PDFpp.77-86


1. Ayse Dietrich : Brodsky Among Us, A Memoir PDFpp.87-89

2. Ayse Dietrich : The Russian-Jewish Tradition PDFpp.90-92