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After indepenedence Georgia has been developed faster. This country makes great important gravitation around the world. In 1999, Georgia became the member of EU Council. In this article the European worth in Georgia has been studied. The detail is following.


Keywords: European Worth, Georgia, Globalization, Education in Georgia,  European Integration.


Georgia is being developed very fast after getting independence. It’s getting successful European country. Eurounion does its huge bit in this process. This huge union makes very important gravitation around. In 1999, Georgia became the member of the Council of Europe and it was the first step returning to the Europe.


In 2004 expansion of the Eurounion gave opportunity to Georgia and Eurounion to have more interrelations. Europinan-Georgian active plan is a potencial document which establishes the contributionstrategy goals between Georgia and Eurounion. One of the most important points is consolidation of contribution in educational system between Eurounion and Georgia.


In the twenty-first century globalization process is tightly connected to the educational system too. The educational global reform is objective fact that makes adaptation of styding process with the world social environment. Unified educational space is being formed.


The formation and importance of foreign education system has increased in current education system reform process. To know current processes abroad is very important for the development of educational process in Georgia. For example, we can use current school reform in Georgia. It is connected not to the modernization, but to the essential reorganization. The experience of the western countries is very important for effective management of this process.


Developed European countries often help the world in different directions, as well as in education system. Eurounion plays important role in big changes of the education system. And we can see the positive changes; students individual skills have been improved, interests had been raised.


Europian defferential studing method is one of the main things for me, because the last European research shows that there are many points in education system, which needs a lot to reach the international level. According to the grades, our students have lower level than foreign ones. It is more connected not to the social invironment, but to the degree of the studing programmes and plans.


The aim for developing educational system in Georgia is to create unified educational environment and integrate it to the educatianal sphere that means to create European standards and include them to the international education system in Georgia. The most important thing is to create environment for students and supply schools with equipment.


There are many ongoing projects between Georgia and European Union. One of them is a program of exchanging and contributing students of attendence between the Black Sea countries, as well as modernization of education and training system in Georgia which means completion with the European Union standards and practice.


Guaranteeing every person with high level of education, with financing, education and training reforms give opportunity to introduce our country to these new methods. Everyone knows that they need improved and successful Europe, cultural, social and technical union and reinforcement.


Eurounion program such as “Tempus” is being implemented in Georgia since 1995. The program supports high education system. The aim of the program is to create productive, contributive, supportive atmosphere between European Universities and other ones. “Tempus” works in high education system management and helps to develop administrational and institutional structures, to create studing programes and solves problems connected to the trainings.


Eurounion is a new model of interrelattion between different people. It is very attractive, but nobody can reach it without using its worth and it’s system. Furthermore, European Union has a global mission and its aim is to attract other countries and transform them.


Education and Educational system is a determinant in stable, peaceful and democratic society development.


The future perspectives defined in Sorbon Decralation (May 25, 1998) which tells about the main role of Universities in cultural development of Europe. Education system reform in some European countries confirms that governments of many countries are ready to work in this direction. Also Decloration of Bolonia is very important too, for creation of unified high education European environment. Its aim is to reinforce social contribution and shorten social equality according to National or European plan. It also says that academic worth is the main thing in international academic contribudion.


Strengthening the role of regional development is quite visible from the policy of European Union that considers specific regions of member states to be equalized to the other regions of Europe.


Memorandum of understanding and partnership gives Georgia opportunity for Euro integration through the implementation of effective reforms within the country, the process seems to be inevitable as the choice of Georgian people is Euro Integration, and Georgian Society is following this process step by step, although successful development of this process is strongly supported with the coincidence of Georgian and European Values. For example, identity of the world wide known European values of tolerance, philanthropy and humanity to the values settled in our Educational Institution. Besides, Akhaltsikhe Educational University and Batumi University are actively involved in the project of Georgian Ministry of Education that’s implemented with a great support of Norwegian Ministry of Education & Research - introduction of Inclusive studies in Georgian high Educational Institutions, that considers the future teachers to be provided with appropriate knowledge and skills that enables them people with limited capability to be actively included/integrated in the civil society,  accordingly participating in increase of awareness of the community.


Within this program we’ve got practice in Public and Specialized schools in Georgia, investigated/studied the students with special Educational needs, identified their special needs, developed special plan how to work with them individually, conducted different variety of non-class/school activities, e.g theatrical performance "Peace everywhere & forever," where the students with special educational needs expressed great enthusiasm and passion. The important results of the program implemented in cooperation with European Union are quiet visible: studying the norms of interrelation of children with limited capability, our preparedness for their civil integration and finally increase our community awareness.


Besides the programs mentioned above the students are actively participating in the different charity activities that helps orphan (careless) children to make their childhood years nicer.


According to this we think that we’re the nation carrying European values and the process of Euro integration will help us to strongly support successful development of our country.


Quality of education is determined by the level of competence and professional teacher, so the formation of professional competence of teachers is one of the most pressing issues of educational systems worldwide.


It’s also considerable that the models of European Education systems, innovative methods and methodologies those are acceptable for European Union to be familiar for the future teachers and to get European Education is very important in this process.


Undoubtedly, modern society is changing continually; scientific-technical progress and social-economical innovations have raised new requirements for each of the field and for every specialist. The labor market has been changing so much that the knowledge and experience people got for a certain period of time is outdated and insufficient now. Nowadays people are required to fulfill their knowledge for productive functioning in the high technological society. Education system is very important for this point of view that enables teachers systematically renew their knowledge and skills as nowadays education isn’t only the aim and/or privilege for only certain groups of youth. It has changed into the permanent process that conditions fate of people as well as society.


It’s a known fact that during the reform process the efficiency of the reform is defined with the honored pedagogical potential-with its knowledge, skills and personal characteristics. As there’s inevitability to fulfill, renew it.


European integration in global process is a very succesful point.






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*Marina Gvaramadze - English language teacher Georgia, Akhaltsikhe, pravite school-Mzeka

**Mariana Balasanian - Doktor of Philologe, Associated  Professor Georgia, Akhaltsikhe State Education University

***Irma Kurdadze - Doctor of Pedagogic, full Professor Georgia, Akhaltsikhe State Education University 

****Nana Makaradze  - Doktor of Pedagogic, Associated  Professor Georgia, Batumi State University